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Forward Fitness

What is the forward fitness ?
Spring is in the air! Now that the sun is shining and the weather warms . We spend more time outdoors . Be prepared to participate in all the fun activities of this wonderful season. One sure way to increase your day is over with exercise and a balanced diet for forward fitness .

If you are someone who wants to get in shape or someone who fell on the track , just boarding the forward fitness as a personal lifestyle .

Exercise routines and diets are only as good as its ability to engage with them . For the most part , most people do not stick to something that they do , especially when the results are not instant . So if you are a beginner or you return the car , you should keep a positive mindset and trick your mind to be a success, successful, happy experience forward fitness .

How successful forward fitness ?
This is much easier than it seems . Just choose a realistic goal. Start by blocking an hour a day ( 5 days a week ) for the next month and taking walks , jogging , biking, etc. .. The fact is that you finish what you start .
Maintain commitment to yourself creates a positive experience and ease forward fitness. It triggers all kinds of brain reward circuits .

It is not much to do but just do regularly every day !

Once you have established the habit of getting up and going to spend the forward fitness, it’s time to choose a higher level. It’s time for strength training. The main reason women do not get the results they want , because they leave the driving force for mixing.

By forward fitness starting the integration of four basic exercises : planks , lunges , push-ups , triceps dips (3 sets x 20 reps ) March

These four exercises will focus on the major muscle groups and require zero equipment . They maximize the burning of fat in the shortest time possible !

As always , we are with you in your pursuit of forward fitness!

Forward Fitness

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The Eight Principles of Fitness Training

These principles form a set of guidelines to help you maximize your potential when it comes to fitness training. Stick to these 8 principles, and you’ll find you reach your fitness goals quickly.
1. Specific Training
Your training should have a specific goal or targeted for a particular sport. This principle applies to movement patterns, joint mobility and muscle group strength. For example, a boxer would do sprints on a heavy bag and plyometric pushups in order to improve his punching speed and arm strength.
2. Overload
By upping the level of your usual training to past your normal fitness level will stress the muscles, which will increase performance after the rest and recovery phase. You will see gains in overall performance with a continuous but gradual increase in training level. It must be slow to avoid overtraining.
3. Recovery
You must rest between workouts to allow your muscles to recover. After stressing the muscle tissue during training, new growth and repair only begins during rest.
4. Reversibility
Once you’re fit, you can’t stop training. Any gains that you get from regular fitness training can be reversed if you stop, whether from an injury or simply not having enough time to keep working out. A week or so won’t likely have any effect, but after 3 months you will start to see significant fitness losses begin.
5. Variation
You should vary your routine in order to work all your muscle groups. The body is an efficient machine, and can get too adapted to the same routine. New gains are more likely when you change up your workouts and vary the intensity levels.
6. Transfer
Some exercises that have similar movements can be transferred across. In one example, squats can help improve vertical jump because they both require a similar move.
7. Individuality
Everyone is different, and your training should be structured to fit your own individuality. Your fitness routine should be tailored to suit your needs and goals, as well as your physical body. You need to consider your gender, sport, overall health, any previous injuries or damage, motivation to train and experience levels.
8. Balance
All aspects of your lifestyle need to be in balance for you to see the most gains from your training. Besides actual workouts, be focused on diet, nutrition, sleep and your recovery periods. Moderation is really the important point here. If all you ever do is train, you will put too much pressure on your muscle groups and do yourself damage. Too much focus on diet can end up in eating disorders or obesity.
These 8 principles can help you reach your fitness goals faster and more successfully. Keep them in mind as you train.
Douglas Robson is the editor of, your guide to a fit and healthy life. You can find more information about a solid weight training fitness program at his site.

The Eight Principles of Fitness Training

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Benefits of Sports, Health and Fitness

The importance of exercising regularly cannot be understated. It is necessary in order to improve one’s overall health and to avoid many unnecessary and debilitating illnesses. Exercising within a fitness regime can bring on many health benefits in people that are healthy, as well as those with suffering from chronic medical conditions. Physical activity can benefit anyone and affects various health conditions, but the specific benefits of each type of condition will vary dependent on the individual. While there is no exact minimum of amount of exercise that you should do each week, it is widely recommended that you participate in at least 30 minutes of somewhat intense aerobic activity. By this we mean, light jogging, and moderate cardiovascular exercise or brisk walking.

There are many health benefits from actively engaging in sports health and fitness routines. First of all, they reduce the risk of negative health outcomes. As the amount of physical activity increases, due to greater frequency, longer duration or higher intensity activity, so do the health benefits gained. An aerobic routine is wonderful for increasing your body’s endurance. If you want to build resistance, then exercises that work on strengthening the muscles are what you need to do. Health benefits from sports health and fitness exercises are not only beneficial for older adults, but occur in children, adolescents, and young adults. Physical activity has been shown to benefit every racial and ethnic group as well.

If your purpose in sports health and fitness exercises is to increase your endurance that can be best achieved from participation in cardio activity (also known as endurance activity). The purpose of cardio activity is to cause the person’s heart to beat much faster than normal. With muscle building activity, often referred to as resistance exercises, the focus is to build up your resistance by lifting weights or other resistance training. The other type of activity often discussed when talking about health benefits exercises is bone strengthening activities. These kinds of activities involve pushing force on the bones in order to promote growth and strength.
Besides the physical benefits associated with sports health and fitness activities, there are also proven mental benefits to be gained. A decline in depressive symptoms has been shown in numerous studies to be a direct result of an increase in physical activity. These benefits do not take months to notice, but can be felt within weeks or months of the start of a sports health and fitness regimen.

Even the risk of premature death has been proven to decrease as physical activity increases. Just small amounts of physical activity have been shown to contribute to a longer life span. You owe it to yourself, so you may live a stronger, longer and healthier life, to exercise on a regular basis. Just a 30 minutes fast-paced walk can have enormous health benefits. Obtain information from credible sources of sports health and fitness issues so you may start reaping the health benefits associated with increased physical activity levels.

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Benefits of Sports, Health and Fitness

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